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Who Really Authorized Exec Order 12333 & 12334?

Michael Serio Apr 02, 2018 23:31:02 featured story elizabeth dougherty michael serio Dougherty Report Elizabeth Dougherty Michael Serio William Binney NSA CIA FBI 4th Amendment Privacy Warrants Searches and Seizures

From the Dougherty Report Archives: Several troubling pieces of news from different sources came out that gave us a mixed perspective of both President Ronald Reagan and his VP, George H.W. Bush. Was Reagan’s rehabilitation from his assassination attempt longer and more difficult than we were led to believe? Who was actually in charge of the White House in the months after John Hinckley tried to kill Reagan? The implications are staggering, so why has the story of the connection between the Hinckley and Bush families not been fully explored? Executive Orders 12333 and 12334 were signed by President Reagan in December 1981, just months after Reagan’s close brush with death, but it doesn’t seem like something President Reagan would have done. EO 12333 and EO 12334 have the foul smell of the CIA & NSA all over them. Did VP George H.W. Bush push these through while Reagan was convalescing, or was there a “dark side” to Reagan that we never knew? We spoke with William Binney, the former director of the NSA for his thoughts.

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