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What Really Happened on the Night of October 7, 2013?

Michael Serio Mar 26, 2018 00:03:56 featured interviews elizabeth dougherty michael serio Dr. Jim Garrow Nuclear Attack on US

Only one fact is indisputable: during the US Federal Government shutdown in October 2013, something happened 500-600 miles off the Carolina coast. On the night of October 7, 2013, the USGS registered a 4.5 magnitude “earthquake” at latitude 30.24 N ; longitude 74.18 W. Was it an underseas tremor, or was it something far more dangerous with very serious consequences if true? Dr. Jim Garrow appeared on The Dougherty Report to share what he believes was a botched nuclear EMP attack on the United States orchestrated and ordered by none other than the president himself.

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