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Banana Bread The Lighter Way – Recipe

Trying to figure out what to do with all those ripe bananas? Food Nation Radio Network found out it IS possible to make banana bread without butter or oil and it comes out moist and delicious. I had a couple of ripe bananas sitting around, so I threw this together …

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Flourless chocolate pecan tart

It’s rich and for serious chocolate-lovers only. Lots of people have gluten concerns or other concerns about too many carbohydrates over the holidays. Here’s a relatively guilt-free dessert. This tart (which is really a take on a sponge cake) still contains sugar, but compared to most desserts on Thanksgiving, this …

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Holiday Desserts Have Changed

Christmas dessert. It can be a kind of mixed blessing, so to speak. Many diners approach the crowning event of Christmas dinner with some trepidation. With traditions like plum pudding (made with suet), mincemeat pie (once made with minced mutton parts) and fruitcake (often made with items that don’t resemble …

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I originally wrote this recipe for the Herald, back in the day. This is a little twist on the traditional Tiramisu. The chocolate lends a contrast with the coffee flavors and works very well.

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Decadent Brownies

This recipe is not one of mine, it is Ina Garten’s. I have not found a better brownie recipe in all these years. These brownies are so rich, they should be handled with care!

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