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Decadent Eggs Benedict Made Easy

When I was growing up, I used to order Eggs Benedict for breakfast every time I had the chance. One day, I taught myself how to make it, and since then have tried to continually improve on this classic. This is what it evolved into over the years. I think …

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Crepes are Easier than You Think

I think it is safe to say I have made thousands of crepes. They are so versatile. From Crepes Suzette to Shitake mushrooms and Boursin cheese; there are many options for sweet as well as savory crepes. Here’s a recipe you can mix in five minutes, or so. They only …

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Souffles Made Easy

These are two of the souffles I make that I have simplified over the years. I don’t make a Bechamel Sauce and I use a simplified version of a Creme Anglaise. Souffles with Bechamel come out very creamy and are not tailored to most American palates, anyway. Try these, and …

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