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New Year’s Eve Hot Pot

I don’t how you feel, but I’m pretty stuffed after all this holiday food. You know, the cookies, the cakes, the pies; it is just too much. Here’s a recipe that is light but tasty. If you are having guests for New Year’s Eve, this is a fun way to …

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Tarragon turkey basted with port butter

The biggest food-related holiday of the year deserves some real attention. This recipe keeps it simple and will impress even the most critical turkey connoisseur. I was able to cut down the roasting time considerably and keep it moist and flavorful. Spend more time with friends and family while giving …

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Paleo Chicken Vindaloo

It’s easy to make curry at home with this amazing blend. All ingredients should be organic, if possible 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, diced 1 TB ghee 1 bhp-free 14 oz can lite coconut milk 1 TB concentrated chicken base (you can find organic) 1 1/2 TB vindaloo curry powder …

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Making amazing pizzas at home

It is not hard to make artisanal quality pizza at home. Here are a few pointers, and then we will get to the recipes. First, buy a good quality pizza stone, or you can use quarry tiles cut to fit a rack in your oven. You can also use untreated …

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