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Airdate:  07/18/16

So who is Mike Pence?  A quick search shows he is the current governor of Indiana, and had served previously in the US House of Representatives, then reached leadership posts within the GOP and has been on the “presidential radar” for the past several years. Over the weekend, Donald Trump formally announced that Pence was his pick to serve as Vice President.  But who is Pence?  The Dougherty Report went back into the audio archives and found his amazing speech in front of the 2015 CPAC Conference and we shared the highlights on the show.  In Trump’s announcement on Saturday, Pence made reference to the “Johnson Amendment” to the US tax code… that led to a big discussion about whether churches should indeed retain their 501(c)3 status if the pastor uses the pulpit to discuss issues of political importance.  Finally, we shared the story of our travels last week.



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