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Sexual Fireworks: Studs vs Duds

First of all… The Dougherty Report NEVER takes a day off… so in the early morning hours of July 4th (while other stations were airing alternative programming) we were on the job and working for you!    So Hours One and Two of The Dougherty Report covered the news of the day… explosions, terrorism, BBQ, why you should never serve anything with mayonnaise on a hot day… you know, the usual stuff.

Then something happened at the start of Hour Three of The Dougherty Report that will live in show history.  Elizabeth opened the hour with a story from Great Britain that claims that during the month of July, Brits are having sexual relations FOUR TIMES A WEEK.  Then the floodgates gave way and the entire hour was spent talking about… well….sex.  Elizabeth’s contention is that men of Italian, Hispanic and Latin America heritage don’t suffer the same reduction in their sex drive that most men do as they age.

THEN… the call came in that changed the entire tone and direction of the hour.   We won’t tell you, you’ll have to listen for yourself.

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