One of the most emotional shows ever.  We started off the morning with a discussion and a sound clip that will blow you away!  On the morning of June 20, 2016, Fox News Channel contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano made a startling announcement about what happened inside the Pulse Nightclub and that the sequence of events that we’ve been led to believe might not be true.  Later in the morning we also spoke about the horrible events at the airport bombing in Istanbul and the response to the “Brexit” vote in the UK.  To finish out the morning, we spoke with “Norman” who was inside the Pulse Nightclub and suffered gunshot wounds that left him seriously injured.   

Airdate:  6/27/16
Over the weekend the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth began as the reality of the “Brexit” victory set it to lovers of big globalized government.  We talked a bit about what it might mean here in the US and to us here in Central Florida.  We also shared a few thoughts about the news that there were several gun-related crimes over the weekend and how taking the guns away isn’t the answer, but rather to remove those bad guys who’ve proven that can’t live with the rest of us in society.  We ended the show talking about “jobs” and how big business has all but eliminated the 40 hour workweek with benefits.  This discussion will carry over to Tuesday’s show.

Airdate:  6/23/16
As the program started, democrat members of the House of Representatives were camping out on the floor of the house.  Several congressmen and congresswomen refused to leave until Speaker of the House Paul Ryan acted on their demands to bring gun control legislation to a vote.  They locked arms, they brought in sleeping bags, they sang songs and they held posters with pictures of the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting to try to make their point.  We had thoughts to share.  Later in the program, a friend of the show joined us to talk about the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  Braden Gunn is a longtime hunter, a gun rights advocate and a broadcaster.  You’ll learn a few things about the history of “2A” and why those rights were written into the constitution.


Airdate:  6/22/16
One of the most passionate speeches from the Orlando vigil for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub attack came from Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan.  Elizabeth and and Ms. Sheehan talk about what happened and what we might be learning about the incident… and ourselves.  You’ll also hear sound bytes and discussion about the man called “Miguel” who calls himself the gay lover of the Pulse Nightclub shooter…. and Attorney General Loretta Lynch visited family members yesterday… we’ll try to explain her non-answers.  Finally, The Dougherty Report made an official request for the 911 calls and police video held by the Orlando Police Department on the morning of the shooting…  late yesterday we received a response.  You can read it here and Elizabeth explained why it’s important that we know the full truth.

Airdate:  6/17/16
President Obama visited Orlando yesterday following the Pulse Nightclub attack.  You’ll hear highlights from his speech and we have some very serious questions for you to consider.  We’ll also replay a sound byte from one of those who was inside the nightclub during the attack and ask you to consider his actions as the shots were being fired.   More and more stories are coming out about the generous nature of Orlando… we’ll share one that involves Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.  After all the events of the past week we hope you have a peaceful weekend.

Airdate:  6/6/16
During the overnight hours of March 31, 2016, three teens from St. Petersburg drowned in a pond at the end of a dark cemetery road as Pinellas County deputies stood on the shoreline.  Elizabeth appeared as a guest on “Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis” and since then, we’ve asked some very serious questions about what really happened in the Royal Palm Cemetery.  Over the weekend, Elizabeth and Michael traveled the same path that the girls took leading into the cemetery and stood at the spot where the Toyota went into the water.  What did the girls see at that moment?  Why did they turn right off Gandy Blvd and onto Frontage Road when the entrance to I-275 was less than a mile ahead?  How many patrol cars were actually involved in the “chase” beginning at US 19 and Gandy Blvd? Why isn’t Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri being more forthcoming with ALL the details of this incident?  Why haven’t we seen the dash cam videos of the entire “chase” (from all the vehicles involved) showing how the vehicle landed in the pond?  The deputies reported the muck in the pond was such that they couldn’t reach the car and the three girls inside.  Do they not carry emergency items in the trunk of their patrol cars such as rope or flotation devices?  Did they call for ground or aerial assistance?  And finally, why would Sheriff Gualtieri  disparage and question those of us in the media who are simply trying to get to the bottom of this story?   Three teens are dead.  Don’t you want to know what really happened?

Airdate:  6/3/16
Trump protesters in San Jose, California are getting more violent, there’s word that more terrorists may be coming into the US underneath “the fence”, and a grandfather in Arkansas was sent to pick up his grandchild… he brought home the wrong kid.  It’s all in a day’s work for us here at The Dougherty Report.  Have a terrific weekend!

Airdate:  6/2/16
The US Constitution guarantees the right to vote for all, but there are some states that make it harder to do so…especially for minorities.  The Dougherty Report asked the question “is it fair that you’re asked for a driver’s license or other forms of photo ID to prove your identity” as a condition to voting.   Elizabeth also mentioned an interesting story regarding President Obama and his stance on the death penalty, and how it appears that Obama makes his decision based upon the severity of the crime.  We also spoke about the financial mess in Puerto Rico and the moves by the US Congress to shovel the burden back upon those who remain on the island.

Airdate:  6/1/16
Since the first boats arrived on American shores, immigrants have sent money back to their family members in foreign countries.   It’s still being done today to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars.  Nearly 25 Billion was sent to Mexico last year… that’s more that the oil industry provides to Mexico.  Problem is… greedy American companies (hint:  banking/financial service industry) are profiting from that simple gesture of sending money “home.”

Airdate:  5/30/16 (Memorial Day)
On the day set aside to remember the ultimate sacrifice paid by members of our military, we discovered and shared several disturbing stories of how poorly our military and veterans are treated.  If it’s a “hate crime” to commit acts of violence against certain “protected” groups of individuals, then certainly that same standard MUST be applied to those who served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.  Our government continues to pay lip service to the medical, emotional and spiritual needs of veterans and it’s time for change.

Airdate:  5/18/16
Does racism still exist in Orlando? Is it possible that in 2016 the government still allows for discrimination and segregation to continue?  The answer is yes!  The legal mechanism under which an entity can do so comes from a deliberate loophole in The Civil Rights Act of 1964 that specifies the difference between “public accommodation” and “private club.”  We spoke with Attorney N. James Turner who represented a client that sued The Country Club of Orlando based upon employment disparities.  You’ll hear some disturbing comments about the club, and by extension, a revelation about some of the most influential business leaders in Orlando.  Does racism still exist in Orlando?  It saddens me to say, yes.

Airdate:  5.17.16
It’s Day Two on the new station… that means an entire day has gone by without beating on Sea World.  That’s WAAAAAYYY too generous on our part and we made amends this morning.  Featured is an interview with Dr. Lori Marino of a group called Whale Sanctuary Project.  Sea World contends that it is more humane to keep them in a concrete pool, and thus it must keep the animals that it has captured over the years.  Oh yeah, they also want to keep those animals they bred in captivity.   WSP is working to create a sanctuary for those whales that would allow them the feeling of freedom in the wild while providing care that they will need.

Airdate:  5.16.16
The Dougherty Report makes its debut on 1440 WPRD at 6AM IN THE FREAKIN’ MORNING!   A few thoughts about early morning radio, then the conversation turned to a subject that’s often ignored in Orlando… that of homelessness.  We also share a couple of really heart-wrenching stories that Mayor Buddy “Send those people to Tampa” Dyer would rather you NOT hear.


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