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Trends in GMO Labeling


Trends in GMO Labeling

Special to The Dougherty Report

Due to the controversy surrounding GMO foods, the Center for Food Safety submitted a legal petition to the Food and Drug Administration. This was in regard to the labeling of all GMO foods that find their way into the marketplace. It was to provide consumers with freedom of choice when it came to choosing the particular foods they preferred. Enough companies and organizations supported the move together with a couple million consumers who submitted comments to the government. It has since been observed that the FDA has delayed taking action, which has left many states with no other choice but to introduce bills regarding genetically engineered foods on a state-by-state basis.

These states have come to the conclusion that it is a consumer’s right to know what is in their food. This is taking place so the consumer’s rights are respected. When sensitizing campaigns are properly done regarding genetically engineered foods, consumers are able to make their own personal choices. This leads to speculation as to why FDA is delaying their call-to-action where genetically engineered foods are involved. Might there be something wrong with the GMO foods? Is there something they are not telling consumers?


The FDA should consider clearing the air on this matter to avoid a lack of transparency, which eventually leads to genetically engineered foods being discredited.

So there you have it. If at your state has not passed a bill to label GMO foods, then you know who is causing the delay. Your state might also be passing it in the next few years as it moves through the state legislatures, so do watch out for it

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