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Senator Jon Testor Stands Up Against The Monsanto Protection Act – Audio

Recently on Food Nation Radio Network, we spoke with Senator Jon Testor about his impassioned speech on the Senate floor in opposition of what has become known as the Monsanto Protection Act. Under this provision, companies like Monsanto can plant whatever they want without fear of being stopped by courts before beginning to plant any GMO crop.

Here’s what Senator Testor had to say about this: 

Bio of Sen. Testor from his site:  Senator Jon Tester is third-generation Montana farmer, a proud grandfather and a former school teacher who has deep roots in hard work, responsibility and accountability.

Jon and his wife Sharla still farm the same land near the town of Big Sandy, Mont. that was homesteaded by Jon’s grandparents in 1912.  Jon’s parents believed public education and family agriculture are the cornerstones of democracy—and those values had a tremendous role in shaping Jon’s leadership.

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