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Don’t Stress Over the Gravy/Sauce!

I know how it is, believe me. You spend all week (maybe weeks) planning a holiday menu. Your guests arrive, intoxicating smells of roast turkey, prime rib, beef tenderloin or other succulent specialties fill the air. All that’s left is to make the gravy and the nagging thought that it …

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Greed & Arrogance – FatCats of No on I-522

This is a SPECIAL SEGMENT produced by Food Nation Radio Network. It has not been broadcast. This is the LATEST information on the State of Washington initiative to label genetically modified foods. LISTEN  to our EXCLUSIVE interview and contact your friends, family and local representatives in the State of Washington. [jwplayer …

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Whole Foods Market Talks Seafood Safety – Audio

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk Staff Doctors tell us that a dietary increase in seafood while cutting back on consumption of red meat is a great way to stay healthy. Recently on Food Nation Radio Network, we spoke with David Ventura, the Seafood Coordinator for Florida Whole Foods …

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LA Says Your Kids Are Fat – Audio

There’s no “gentle” way to say it. This week on Food Nation Radio Network, we picked up a story from Dan Maduri at NewstalkFlorida.com about the LA school system sending home letters to parents saying 20% of the kids in early grades are “obese”. Listen to this ridiculous story with …

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Jury Refuses To Convict Raw Milk Farmer – Audio

Recently, on Food Nation Radio Network we spoke with Attorney Nathan Hanson about his defense of a raw milk farmer in Minnesota which ended in jury nullification. In other words, although the farmer did not comply with some of the laws regarding raw milk, the jury found the laws so …

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