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Let’s talk turkey…

It’s Thanksgiving Day, and everyone gathers around the kitchen making small talk. This year everyone is talking politics, jobs and the economy. You’ll hear the occasional story about Aunt Bertha and her fibromyalgia. You pray you’ll temporarily lose your hearing… What’s really happening though, is folks are waiting for that …

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Tarragon turkey basted with port butter

The biggest food-related holiday of the year deserves some real attention. This recipe keeps it simple and will impress even the most critical turkey connoisseur. I was able to cut down the roasting time considerably and keep it moist and flavorful. Spend more time with friends and family while giving …

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St. Patrick’s Day Myths And Tasty Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day is coming and the Leprechauns are feeling frisky! A cozy Irish meal, a pint of Guinness (or a nice cabernet for the less brave), and a heavenly dessert will lead you over the rainbow to a romantic Irish evening. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by the Irish …

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My Sweet Son Speaks On GMOs

Last week on Food Nation Radio Network, my nine-year-old son Jonathan, decided to record an open for the program to talk about genetically modified foods. Here’s what he had to say: LISTEN    

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NY & Colorado Poised to Label GMOs – Audio

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk For the past 18 months, Food Nation Radio has followed the efforts to label genetically modified foods in Washington State.  While the ballots have been counted and the results were not what we had hoped for, in our opinion the final outcome of …

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Dougherty Rails on Time Mag for GMO “Conspiracy Theory”

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk This week on the Food Nation Radio Network, did Time Magazine® go too far? In its November 25, 2013 edition marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of  President John F. Kennedy, the author compares the conspiracy theories surrounding JFK’s death with the controversies associated with …

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