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Older News stories from TDR and FNRN.

TDR Podcast – 07/25/16

Airdate: 7/25/16 Believe it or not, it was a slow news day.  Still a bit to talk about; the start of the 2016 DNC party shindig in Philadelphia, Debbie Wasserman-Schwartz gets the boot, and Elizabeth talks about what didn’t happen in 1969!  (the US moon landing)

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TDR PODCAST – 07/22/16

IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW – LISTEN ON DEMAND – AIRDATE:  7/22/16 It’s the “morning after” and we are still trying to understand what happened on the floor of the 2016 GOP Convention last night.  Donald Trump formally accepted the GOP nomination and gave a 76 minute speech telling Americans …

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Dougherty Report Podcast – 07/20/16

Airdate:  0720/16 ICYMI:  This morning on the program… Who is hotter… Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  You also heard a recap of Day 2 from the RNC, and a frank discussion about how to ramp down the violence between the races.  Plus a conversation you’ll only hear on The Dougherty …

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Airdate:  07/19/16 All the other shows seems to be talking about one topic this morning…. if seems as if the speechwriter for Donald Trump’s wife borrowed several pieces from Michelle Obama from 2008.   So guess what topic we focused on this morning?  (SPOILER ALERT) We gave “the speech” the thirty …

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Airdate:  07/18/16 So who is Mike Pence?  A quick search shows he is the current governor of Indiana, and had served previously in the US House of Representatives, then reached leadership posts within the GOP and has been on the “presidential radar” for the past several years. Over the weekend, …

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AIRDATE:  07.15.16 July 15, 2016… It’s being called a “Day of Rage” by protestors across the country who claim they will be out in force tonight. We started off the show with a discussion about who was responsible for the terrorist massacre in Nice, France yesterday.  We ended the program …

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Airdate:  07/14/16.  Elizabeth talked about the top issues in the news this morning: * how delegates to the GOP convention who are drafting the party platform are going to drive the party into extinction * that the FBI and FDLE are promising to release their reports regarding the attack at …

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