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Are GMOs On The Market Illegally?

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk: Last week on the Food Nation Radio Network, we spoke with Steve Druker, the President of the Alliance for Bio-Integrity about GMOs.   Are GMOs on the market illegally, against the rules of the FDA?      

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Atomic Gardens: Salt. Pepper. Radiation?

          Special to the Dougherty Report Atomic gardening is a form of selective mutation that uses exposure to radiation in order to create useful mutations in a food. The scheme began in the 1950’s as an alternative use for fission energy. Post-World War 2 efforts of …

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Photo/Public Domain Special to The Dougherty Report Scientists are at it again. They have successfully managed to transplant human stem cells into pigs. You may be wondering what it all entails. Pigs are considered to be closely anatomically linked to humans and this is why transplanting the stem cells is …

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Trends in GMO Labeling

Photo:Flicker.com Trends in GMO Labeling Special to The Dougherty Report Due to the controversy surrounding GMO foods, the Center for Food Safety submitted a legal petition to the Food and Drug Administration. This was in regard to the labeling of all GMO foods that find their way into the marketplace. …

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My Sweet Son Speaks On GMOs

Last week on Food Nation Radio Network, my nine-year-old son Jonathan, decided to record an open for the program to talk about genetically modified foods. Here’s what he had to say: LISTEN    

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NY & Colorado Poised to Label GMOs – Audio

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk For the past 18 months, Food Nation Radio has followed the efforts to label genetically modified foods in Washington State.  While the ballots have been counted and the results were not what we had hoped for, in our opinion the final outcome of …

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