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Ric O’Barry is being held in Japan

ICYMI:  This week on The Dougherty Report, Elizabeth shares the story of her cousin Ric O’Barry.  In 1964, Ric was hired to train the dolphins called “Flipper” on TV.  Just a few years later, the lead dolphin “committed suicide” in his arms and Ric’s life would change forever. Featured in …

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Are Christians Commanded to be Animal Activists?

ICYMI: Last week on The Dougherty Report in “Michael’s Corner” he presented an argument that is gaining traction among biblical scholars:  “Are Christians Commanded to be Animal Activists?”  Michael looks at Genesis 1:28 and we try to understand what the word “dominion” really means. Does it mean that it’s okay …

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ICYMI:  Last week on The Dougherty Report, we spoke with Dr. Jeff Ventre.  If his name sounds familiar, it’s because he was featured in the documentary “Blackfish.”  Before he began practicing medicine, Jeff worked as a trainer at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.  His medical knowledge and understanding coupled with his …

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New Year’s Eve Hot Pot

I don’t how you feel, but I’m pretty stuffed after all this holiday food. You know, the cookies, the cakes, the pies; it is just too much. Here’s a recipe that is light but tasty. If you are having guests for New Year’s Eve, this is a fun way to …

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