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QUICK FACTS:   Food Nation Radio is BACK!
Date / Time:   Saturdays from 8am – 10am (ET)
Live Calls / Texts:  (914) 500-8255
Live or Recorded:  ALWAYS LIVE

Long before Elizabeth spoke out against all the social injustices of the world (and how Duke Energy SUCKS) she created hosted The Food Nation Radio Network.  From 2010 to 2014, “FNRN” was on the leading edge of telling our listeners exactly what was being done to the food supply in the US.  We shared stories about the potential dangers of GMOs and vaccines, how the Grocery Manufacturers Association successfully held off voter initiatives to label food properly, and how the “revolving door” between government and industry will hurt us every time.

In January 2014 after ringing the bell for four year, Elizabeth decided that enough others had picked up the torch and were speaking out about food contamination and the need to eat healthy.  FNRN was set aside and the focus of the show was broadened to include more topical news related items.

Three and a half years later we’ve decided to bring FNRN back.

* Efforts to create a legitimate food labeling program have stalled.
* The revolving door between government and industry is alive and well.
* So called “food shows” are inundated with product placement.
* Saturday morning radio around the country SUCKS and if you don’t want to listen to a doctor, lawyer or an insurance salesman you’re out of luck!

So join Elizabeth for a show about food that’s fun, entertaining, compelling, and just might make you think about what’s on your fork.


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