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Published 06/26/16
More fallout from “Brexit” to consider.  International investors concerned about the purchase of British real estate may look at buying American assets instead.  Could we see an influx of buyers in our big cities and even here in Central Florida?  Time will tell.  Elizabeth also has some thoughts to share about the banking industry

Published 06/25/2016
The historic “BREXIT” vote has worldwide implications for strong national or unified governments, centralized banks and large multi-national companies.  People are not willing to cede their power to those entities any longer.  The vote by the British people to leave the European Union should be a huge wake up call that THIS generation of citizens worldwide will be the one that will not settle for, nor accept “federalism” or governance from a far off city.  While we’re at it, we are tired of seeing our earnings and savings eroded and stolen away by the international banking cartel for their own member profit.   we are less willing to purchase products and services from huge companies who put profit above the below standard product they are selling.  Elizabeth has a strong message in today’s Dougherty Report Daily Memo.


Published 6/18/16
As the funerals for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub attack begin here in Orlando, there is word that members of the Westboro Baptist Church will be here to protest.  In a counter-protest, members of the LGBT communities have pledged to support the families by shielding them from the often hate filled venom.  Leaders of the LGBT communities have some strong advise for their members and asked Elizabeth to pass this message along.


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