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Taking Away Sea World’s Last Excuse

If you’ve listened to The Dougherty Report for any length of time, you’ll know that the issue of whales and dolphins being held in captivity is an issue that hits close to home for Elizabeth Dougherty.    In fact, elsewhere on this site you’ll hear several interviews that will help you understand her passion for these creatures.

In April, the killer whale known as Tilikum at Sea World in Orlando grew ill.  The media stopped carrying stories about the condition of the whale so Elizabeth called Sea World directly to ask if the whale was even still alive.  The very next day, Sea World announced that it was ending its practice of artificial insemination of the animals.

But what to do about the 31 killer whales around the world that are being held in tanks around the world?  Many were bred and raised in captivity so simply releasing them into the wild would be a death sentence.

Elizabeth spoke with Dr. Lori Marino, president of The Whale Sanctuary Project whose mission is to construct cold-water sanctuaries for these whales.  With the help of private funding, The Whale Sanctuary Project hopes to take away that last excuse Sea World (and other sites) use to justify holding on to these creatures.


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