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My Questions About the Death of Justice Scalia

I’m not saying there was foul play, but based upon what I’ve read, here are my top questions about the death of Justice Antonin Scalia:

  1. According to authorities, his family did not want an autopsy. When they made that decision, did they know he was found with a pillow over his head?
  2. Out of an abundance of caution, why was the scene not treated as a crime scene to rule out that possibility?
  3. Was there a physical key to his room or a key card?
  4. If there was a key card, when was it accessed?
  5. Who had access to the key or key card to his room?
  6. Did the judge change her story regarding the heart attack or not?
  7. Why did it take all day and evening and into the next morning to get the body back to the coroner’s office?
  8. Did the coroner do any inspection of the body at all? Did they take any samples?
  9. Who embalmed the body and was that a condition of transport back to Virginia?
  10. In the interest of national security, why are the judges allowed to relieve their security detail?
  11. Were there any recent death threats against Judge Scalia?
  12. Were there any relatively new employees at the ranch? How are they vetted?
  13. Did they have a special dinner that was catered or was it prepared by employees?
  14. Did he retire to his room alone?
  15. Was he found alone in his room?

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