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Ric O’Barry is being held in Japan

ICYMI:  This week on The Dougherty Report, Elizabeth shares the story of her cousin Ric O’Barry.  In 1964, Ric was hired to train the dolphins called “Flipper” on TV.  Just a few years later, the lead dolphin “committed suicide” in his arms and Ric’s life would change forever.

Featured in the Academy Award winning movie “The Cove” Ric O’Barry heads the DolphinProject.com an organization dedicated to protecting the lives of dolphins and orcas worldwide.

Last week, Ric attempted to travel to Taiji, Japan to document the “dolphin season” and instead of being issued a “tourist visa” and allowed to leave, the Japanese government detained Ric.

Hundreds and hundreds of dolphins are being herded into a cove, the best looking dolphins are moved away and the others are slaughtered.  The water in “The Cove” runs bright red with blood and the Japanese government looks the other way.  Why?  Because animal amusement parks will pay up to nearly a quarter of a million dollars for a single dolphin.

Elizabeth opens the show with an impassioned monologue… and a warning to one of those amusement parks based in Orlando… SeaWorld!


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