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What happened to Dr. Jeff Bradstreet?

To say that Dr. Jeff Bradstreet was on the cutting edge of the understanding and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder would be an understatement.  That’s why his death as a “suicide” in the summer of 2015 is such a mystery.  Colleagues and family members agree… he didn’t take his own life.

So what DID happen on the banks of the Broad River in Rutherford County, North Carolina,  on June 19, 2015?

Was there a connection between the “raid” of his medical office in Buford, Georgia and his death a few days later?

Why would he leave behind a son, an autistic child, and the inspiration for his life’s work?  Dr. Bradstreet’s grieving family is looking for answers… not just just for themselves but also for the families who saw him as a hero.

The Dougherty Report spoke to the people who knew him best; his brother and sister-in-law Thomas and Candace Bradstreet.

Then you decide… would Dr. Jeff Bradstreet have taken his own life?

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