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Is Biological Warfare to Blame For Our Citrus Blight?

A pest called the Asian Citrus Psyllid has been busy in the citrus groves in Florida, California, Texas and Arizona. As a result, you’ll be paying more for oranges, orange juice and other citrus products this winter.

The Food Nation Radio Network has been following this story for the past two years and watched as certain members of the citrus industry in Florida (along with biotech industry help from the University of Florida) have pushed forward an agenda of adopting a genetically modified orange.

How is it possible that the billion dollar citrus industry in the United States is in this position?  Citrus trees affected by citrus greening are destroyed, crop production is at record lows and consumers will be paying the price at the grocery store.

Elizabeth Dougherty spoke with Professor Don Huber about the source of the problem; the pesky Asian Citrus Psyllid.  In a report issued by the USDA, co-authored by Professor Huber, you’ll hear the pest may have been intentionally introduced into the United States as a form of biological warfare and economic sabotage.


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